Cast off Knitting Made Simple

Now that you are done with your knitting project, it’s important that you cast off your stitches properly. The process of casting off involves disposing of a number of stitches. Do this carefully as your project is a chain of loops held together by loops. If you need an analogy, think of it as an awful pyramid scheme which will only work if the topmost part keeps on expanding. Once you remove your needles from the piece that has not been cast off, you’ll figuratively experience how an illegal pyramid scam collapses; resulting in chaos and major disappointment.

So make sure to cast off your knitting before proceeding to the finishing steps!

Step One – Join the first two stitches of your completed project.

Step Two – Put in the tip of your left needle in the first stitch (the one nearest to you) starting from the top to bottom and towards you.

Step Three – Draw the first stitch over the second one. You have successfully cast off one stitch. Give yourself a pat on the back, as the worst is over!

Step Four – Knit another stitch just like what you’ve done in Step Three – put in the left needle and work from top to bottom.

Step Five – Continue doing this until every single stitch but one is off the needle. Loop the remaining stitch a bit bigger than the usual. Cut the end of the yarn. Pull the yarn end all the way through the loop, remove the needle and pull the yarn tightly.

Congratulations! You were able to successfully cast off! Was it as daunting as you thought it would be?

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